Tree Removal & Trimming

Tree Removal in Northern Virginia

Tree removal can be very dangerous if not done professionally and safely with proper equipment and personnel. We thrive to keep trees healthy but there are instances when removal is the best alternative for the landscape and homeowner or business. You may need tree removal to eliminate dead or dying trees that may become hazardous. Removing a tree can also be useful in allowing proper sunlight and space for your grass and other plants to thrive. In some cases, trees may be removed to allow for new construction.

removing a tree beside a house

24/7 Emergency Tree Service in Northern Virginia

24/7 Emergency Service
  • In emergency situations, and especially after a storm, the surrounding area where trees have fallen is extremely unsafe. Trees and branches may be under extreme pressure and if they break, they can cause severe injury or death. Other trees or limbs may be hanging and ready to fall. Power lines may be down and giving off electric currents. Please do not attempt to remove trees that have fallen or been damaged by a storm or other event. Leave these dangerous situations to the professionals who have the experience, equipment, and specialized training to safely deal with damaged trees.
Tree on home
  • If you feel a tree is about to fall on your home or has already fell, vacate the premises ASAP. Give us a call and our staff will safely maneuver around the tree and solve this problem in the safest and most efficient way possible.

Tree Trimming in Northern Virginia

Tree trimming or pruning is periodically required on all trees and landscaping plants. Proper trimming is required to remove dead branches to maintain plant and tree health and safety. Trimming and thinning live branches is also necessary at times to reduce the density reducing wind resistance that may cause storm damage. Lower branches may require removal or trimming known as raising or elevating the canopy to increase the amount of light beneath the crown of the tree and maintain the trees health allowing the nutrients to go where needed when sap moves throughout the trunk of the tree. You may also just want to trim your trees to enhance your view.

tree trimmed to see home

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