Stump Removal & Grinding

Stump Grinding in Northern Virginia

In all cases we take down a tree, we cut the tree down to the ground as low as possible but leave the tree stump. Most people remove a tree stump because they don’t like the look of it and it gets in the way. But there are also health and safety issues to consider.

  • Is the stump in a location where it will be a safety hazard or obstacle that could injure someone?
  • Do you want to plant a new tree in or near the same location? If so, you will need to remove that stump first.
  • Destructive insects such as termites and carpenter ants are attracted to dead tree stumps and the only way to prevent this is to grind the stump away.
  • Do you have nearby plants or trees that you want to keep healthy? As the stump slowly rots away, harmful fungi move in and could spread disease to nearby trees or plants.
Before and after stump grinding

Using a machine called a stump grinder is the best way to remove stumps not causing damage to your property. We can get our stump grinder into any location and never know we were there. We lower the spinning carbide tipped steel wheel on the front onto the edge of the stump and move it from side to side as it spins, grinding deeper into the stump with each movement. Eventually the whole tree stump is ground up into small wood chips, including the main roots below the stump.

If you would your stump to be removed as well, or have previous stumps left behind please ask us to include an estimate for stump grinding.

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