Landscaping & Mulch

Landscaping & Mulch Installation in Northern Virginia

  • Everyone wants the perfect looking yard; your landscape will never look better than with proper edging and mulching. Your trees, shrubs, and bedding plants will benefit from this routine mulching service as well. Fresh and properly installed mulch not only looks good, but it helps with moisture retention, weed control, temperature control, and the introduction of organic material to your landscape beds.
  • We use grade ‘A’ shredded hardwood mulch. We never use dyed or artificial mulch products. Our mulch provides lasting coverage and a natural dark brown appearance that lasts for months.
  • Before any mulch is applied to your landscape beds, our professional crews will remove any existing weeds and any debris. Any plants or shrubs due for pruning and trimming will be addressed at this time. We will leave your property with the professional maintained look it deserves.
Before and after landscaping

Increase your Curb Appeal!

The area around your home (or community) makes the first impression. In fact – it’s sometimes all anyone notices. We’re specialists in making it something you can be proud of!